DriverMap™ Predesigned Human Gene Expression Profiling Panels

Expertly curated sets of genes to get rapid insight into your pathway of interest

Providing a Simple, Sensitive Snapshot of the Up- and Down-Regulated Genes in Your Samples. No Bioinformatics Expertise Required.

Try DriverMap Human Predesigned Targeted Expression Profiling Panels to easily profile your samples, using expertly curated sets of genes whose expression levels provide insights on cancer and inflammatory diseases, cell signaling, cell lineages, processes of differentiation and immune activation.

  • Expertly curated key genes associated with specific human diseases or cell phenotypes
  • Ultra-sensitive quantitation of genes most likely to be involved in cellular processes and disease progression
  • Targeted gene sets increase NGS read numbers for gene targets, which improves profiling statistics, specificity and sensitivity
  • Includes software to extract gene expression levels directly from Illumina sequencing files (FASTQ data)
DriverMap™ Human Genome-Wide Expression Profiling Assay

DriverMap Predesigned Panels Kit comes with all the reagents you need to produce sequence-ready libraries for 96 samples on the Illumina NextSeq and other models

DriverMap™ Predesigned Targeted Expression Profiling Panels Specifically Amplify Biologically Relevant Gene Sets

1. Human Cell Marker Panel

Cell Marker Panel analyzes 1,285 genes that are present in 64 different cell types spanning adaptive and innate immunity cells, hematopoietic progenitors, epithelial cells, and extracellular matrix cells.

2. Human Hallmark Signature Panel

Hallmark Signatures Panel profiles expression of 4,304 genes involved in well-defined molecular pathways, biological states, or disease processes.

3. Human LINCSx Panel

LINCSx Panel profiles expression of 1,573 landmark genes in LINCS database that catalog changes that occur when cells are exposed to drugs and other perturbing agents. Genes linked to targets for FDA approved drugs and related targets and markers.

4. Human Pan-Caner Pathway Panel

Pan-Cancer Pathway Panel analyzes 2,094 gene expression levels involved in pathways often dysregulated in cancer.

5. Human Transcription Factor Signatures Panel

Transcription Factor Panel provides data for 6,401 possible regulatory pathways by linking 343 distinct transcription factors to 2,649 target genes.

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Work with Mice?

Check out DriverMap™ Mouse PanCancer / LINCSx / Hallmark Expression Profiling Panel

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DriverMap™ Predesigned Human Gene Expression Profiling PanelsDriverMap™ Predesigned Human Gene Expression Profiling Panels

Heat Map comparing performance of DriverMap Human Hallmark Signatures Panel (4,304 genes) with DriverMap Genome-Wide Assay (~19,000 genes). Significant improvement in sensitivity is observed with the focused panel vs. genome-wide. Samples 1-5 are Human Universal RNAs from a variety of tissues and cell lines.

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