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LINE-1 Mobile Element NGS Assay Kit (24 multiplex)

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Product Information

Cellecta’s LINE-1 Assay Kit provides a convenient, efficient, and targeted Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) based approach to identify polymorphic insertion sites of LINE-1 in the human genome. The LINE-1 Assay Kit includes all the components needed to detect and identify novel LINE-1-induced genomic variations in genomic DNA isolated from tumors, blood, cells or other samples. Only a few hundred nanograms of DNA are required.

  • Amplify and prep of all LINE-1 elements in a sample for profiling with a single-reaction protocol
  • Measure the activation of retrotransposon activity in biological samples and tumor extracts simply and easily
  • Analyze LINE-1 insertions to discover novel oncogenic drivers and study the evolution of tumor cell populations

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