InDOXible™ Tet-Activated Lentiviral Expression System


Cellecta InDOXible Tet-Activated cDNA Lentiviral Expression System

InDOXible™ Tet-Activated cDNA Lentiviral Expression System

Convenient Doxycycline-inducible cDNA expression with no clonal selection required.

  • All-in-one or two-vector system 
  • Optional fluorescent sensor for real-time monitoring of induction and repression
  • Easy to use

How does it work?

Fusion of a bacterial tet-repressor protein with the VP16 activating domain creates a transactivator that binds--in a tetracycline-dependent manner--the tet-responsive element (TRE) derived from bacterial promoters.

  • Cellecta-optimized transactivator ensures tightly regulated activation of the minimal CMV promoter driving expression of the cDNA, resulting in low background
  • Two variations of the tetracycline activator--tTA or rtTA--enable activation with the addition or depletion of doxycycline
  • Lentiviral backbone allows easy and effective introduction into mammalian cell lines

Available as an all-in-one or two-vector system with optional fluorescent sensor to enable real-time monitoring of induction and repression.

Simplify your inducible expression experiments today.

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Cellecta InDOXible cDNA expression vector
Cellecta Dox-on System with RFP Sensor


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Single-vector Tet system >

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