CRISPR Knockout Pooled Lentiviral sgRNA Libraries

Cellecta offers quality pooled lentiviral CRISPR sgRNA libraries for unbiased phenotypic knockout screens in mammalian cell systems. Pooled libraries of many thousands of defined single-guide RNA (sgRNA or gRNA) sequences enable disruption (or “knockout”) of thousands of genes throughout a cell population in a single experiment. Screening this cell population for a specific phenotype (e.g., viability) then, enables the identification of specific genes driving that phenotype, such as a drug response or disease phenotype.

  • Effective guides incorporate Cellecta’s tracrRNA “HEAT” design and have been screened to minimize off-target knockout.
  • Both plasmid and pre-packaged lentivirus forms of the libraries are available.
  • Sufficient plasmid library is provided for immediate packaging (no re-amplification necessary)