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Custom Barcode Libraries

In addition to custom CRISPR sgRNA and RNAi shRNA libraries, Cellecta can provide custom lentiviral barcode libraries that enable you to generate populations of millions of cells where each have their own uniquely identifiable barcode sequence.

  • Libraries with up to millions of uniquely identifiable sequences
  • Barcodes permanently integrate into cells' genomic DNA and are heritable by progeny
  • Barcodes are expressed in transcripts so they can read directly from genomic DNA or by RNA sequencing
  • Range of vector configuration, markers, and selection options available

If our off-shelf barcode libraries won't work for you, contact us and let us know what would and we'll make it for you.

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Custom Barcode LibrariesAlthough we also offer several CloneTracker™ Lentiviral Barcode Libraries as off-the-shelf products, some studies may require specialized libraries:

Limited complexity–a small number of defined barcodes. Our off-the-shelf libraries with 1M, 10M, and 50M barcodes may be too complex for your experimental needs. Some studies looking at population distributions may only require a few thousand barcodes. We can certainly provide smaller libraries with 1000, 5000 or 20,000 unique, distinct barcodes. With these libraries of limited complexity, deeper sequencing of the whole library is possible.

Specialized markers or selection. For some barcode tracking experiments, a different marker or selection may be required, such as Thy1.1, luciferase, or thymidine kinase. We can readily generate a barcode library of any size in a specialized vector for you.

Barcoding combined with other effectors or elements in a library. As deep sequencing has become much more accessible, barcode tracking has become a useful tool for tracking cell-to-cell variations in conjunction with a variety of assays. For example, several groups have focused on using barcode tracking to assay RNA expression in conjunction with pooled CRISPR screening (aka., Perturb-Seq, CRISPR-Seq, CROP-Seq). Cellecta is able to provide libraries that combine barcodes with sgRNA, shRNA, etc. and offers the pScribe Vectors so that the barcodes are transcribed and trackable by RNA sequencing, as well as genomic DNA analysis.


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