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Custom Lentiviral cDNA Constructs

Lentiviral expression vectors are one of the most convenient and effective vehicles to introduce and stably express your gene of interest in almost any mammalian cell.

  • Custom constitutive and inducible lentiviral cDNA expression vectors.
  • Optional packaging as lentiviral particles to directly transduce into your target cells.
  • Stably passed onto progeny cells
  • A range of vectors with various fluorescent proteins genes and selection markers.

Let Cellecta clone your gene into one of our optimized lentiviral vectors so you can rapidly create a stable cell line or let us make the cell line for you—we do that too.

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Custom Lentiviral cDNA ConstructsWe provide custom-made cDNA lentiviral expression constructs for any gene of interest. We offer a range of lentiviral vectors, and some retroviral ones, with various selection and fluorescent markers. In addition, inducible cDNA constructs, made using our InDOXible Tet-Activated cDNA vectors, are available.

Lentiviral vectors, packaged as lentiviral particles, enable rapid and convenient introduction of expression constructs into virtual any mammalian cells, however, there is a limit to the amount of RNA that can be packaged into the particle. As a result, we cannot clone inserts longer than approximately 4.5kb into our standard designs. Options for expressing larger cDNAs may be available with our cell engineering services.

If you want us to make lentiviral cDNA constructs for your, you simply need to...

  • Provide the sequence of the cDNA you would like expressed
  • Let us know which fluorescent or selection markers you need
  • Select the desired promoter for your cells

With this information, we will...

  • synthesize the cDNA insert
  • clone the cDNA into the appropriate vector
  • sequence it to ensure proper cloning and plasmid design

We would be happy to discuss the options with you. Request a quote on-line.

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