Catalog #: PRCDEM

cDNA Cloning Vector with Single Transcript

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Product Information

Lentiviral vector for cloning and expressing cDNA with 2A self-cleaving peptides element so it expresses a single transcript that also expresses the selection marker.

Catalog # Description Vector
PRCDEM Promoter EF1 (no selection) pRCDEM-EF1-MCS cDNA Cloning Vector
PRCDEMB Promoter EF1 (Bleo) pRCDEMBle-EF1-MCS-2A-Bleo cDNA Cloning Vector
PRCDEMP Promoter EF1 (Puro) pRCDEMP-EF1-MCS-2A-Puro cDNA Cloning Vector
PRCDCMP Promoter CMV (Puro) pRCDCMP-CMV-MCS-2A-Puro cDNA Cloning Vector
PRCDCMEB Promoter CMV (EF1-Bleo) pRCDCMEBle-CMV-MCS-EF1-Bleo cDNA Cloning Vector
PRCDCMEBlast Promoter CMV (EF1-Blast) pRCDCMEBla-CMV-MCS-EF1-Blast cDNA Cloning Vector
PRCDCMRB Promoter CMV (RFP-Bleo) pRCDCMRBle-CMV-MCS-2A-RFP-2A-Bleo cDNA Cloning Vector
PRCDCMRN Promoter CMV (RFP-Neo) pRCDCMRN-CMV-MCS-2A-RFP-2A-Neo cDNA Cloning Vector
PRCDCMRP Promoter CMV (RFP-Puro) pRCDCMRP-CMV-MCS-2A-RFP-2A-Puro cDNA Cloning Vector

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