cDNA Expression Cell Lines and Constructs

Lentiviral expression vectors are one of the most effective vehicles to introduce and stably express cDNA, as well as other genetic elements (e.g., sgRNA, shRNA, etc.) into almost any mammalian cell, including non-dividing cells and whole model organisms. Lentiviral expression constructs packaged into pseudoviral particles can be transduced into cells with very high efficiency, approaching 100% in some cell types. Packaged lentiviral constructs can be transduced into even the most difficult to transfect cells, such as primary, stem, and differentiated cells, with high efficiency.

Cellecta offers both lentiviral cDNA cloning vectors, including our InDOXible Tet-Activated cDNA Vector System, and custom-made cDNA expression constructs, as well as related products--such as the PromoterTest Kit--to help ensure you get optimal expression of your gene of interest—and reagents for packaging and transduction.