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Custom Engineered Cell Lines

Cellecta offers services to make cell lines with targeted gene knockouts or containing specific knock-in sequences. The approach for each project can vary depending on what cell engineering is required.

  • Knockout or knockdown a gene in your choice of cell line
  • Zero-footprint CRISPR knockout using non-integrated sgRNA and Cas9
  • Inducible gene activation and inhibition with CRISPRa and CRISPRi
  • Knock-in genes or gene-tags
  • Reporter cells and other non-CRISPR mediated engineering available

Contact us and let us know what modifications you want in what cells and see what we can do.

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Pick the cells and modifications you want and we do the work. Although we rely heavily on CRISPR mediated engineering since it is so versatile and powerful, we have experience with a range of technologies for cell engineering. Depending on your application, knockouts, knock-ins, knockdowns, or some combination of these may be required. We would be happy to discuss your project and go over the options.

Regardless of the project, we provide validated cell pools or clonal cell lines. For the cell pools, we sequence and confirm modifications at the target location. For clonal lines, we characterize the specific indels or insertions present in each allele and, for knockout cells in particular, check for the presence of the wild-type allele since many common cell lines are polyploid.

Transcription factor-dependent reporter cell lines can be ideal tools for high-throughput RNAi, peptide, and chemical library screens. Responsive reporter cells form the core of cell-based assays for screening and identifying drugs, antibodies, cell factors, and other effectors. With lentiviral-based transduction, Cellecta can easily engineer stable reporter lines for almost any application–regardless of cell type.

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