Lentiviral Packaging and Transduction

Package your lentiviral constructs into high titer, ready-to-transduce VSV-G lentiviral particles.

  • Obtain high-titer lentiviral particles for tranduction into almost any mammalian cell
  • Get validated packaging reagents for use in your lab
  • Use a complete packaging service that delivers functionally titered virus
  • Cellecta offers Ready-to-Use Packaging Plasmids to produce and LentiFuge viral concentration reagent to produce packaged VSV-g pseudotyped lentiviral particles.

    Alternatively, Cellecta can provide you with your lentiviral constructs in ready-to-transduce, pre-packaged, functionally titered lentiviral particles.

  • Cellecta's packaging service offers a wide range of packaging yields--from 1x10^6 to 1x10^9 transduction units (TU). Viral packaging preparations are functionally titered based on transduction and counting of fluorescent or antibiotic HEK293 cells. We do not use p24 antibiotic or PCR-based estimates of viral titers unless no fluorescent or antibiotic markers are available. These indirect measurements are often very inaccurate because they do not differentiate functional viral particles from the general presence of viral proteins or RNA.

  • Lentiviral particle preparations can be directly added to cells in culture. The lentiviral particles fuse with the cell membranes and the lentiviral RNA enters the cell, is reverse-transcribed, and integrated into the cell’s DNA.

  • For more information on this service please contact us.