PromoterTest™ Assay Custom Kit (choose your constructs)

The PromoterTest™ Assay Custom Kit enables you to choose from a range of promoter constructs to identify the promoter that is optimally suited to express a cDNA of interest in your mammalian cell system. With Cellecta’s PromoterTest Assay Custom Kit you can

  • pick and choose from a set of promoter constructs, paying only for what you need
  • test them in your cell system to assess relative promoter strength using the convenient ready-to-transduce lentiviral particles
  • identify an optimal promoter for your mammalian cell line by FACS for any application requiring robust expression of a gene of interest.

You have a choice of 10 lentiviral constructs to include in your PromoterTest Custom Assay Kit.

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These promoter constructs come pre-packaged as ready-to-transduce, lentiviral particles. Each lentiviral vector carries the same green fluorescent protein (GFP) under the control of a promoter.

Cellecta's PromoterTest reporter constructs include a range of commonly used promoters. Simply transduce the GFP-expressing lentiviral constructs into your cell line and compare the GFP intensities from each different construct. The intensity of the resulting fluorescence, as measured by FACS, correlates with the expression level of GFP, with higher GFP intensity indicating stronger promoter activity.

With this customizable kit, you can now measure the relative expression level of multiple promoters by assessing promoter strength (Fig. 1) as well as sustained long-term expression (Fig. 2) to find an optimal promoter for virtually any mammalian cell line.

PromoterTest Assay - relative expression of various promoters

Fig. 1 Relative expression levels of GFP by CMV, mCMV, SSFV, E/CMV, EFS and RSV promoters in various cell lines. (Data normalized by average expression in a cell line.)


PromoterTest Assay - sustained expression in iPSC line

Fig. 2 FACS readout shows that EF1L sustained the highest expression in this Induced pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) line.

Catalog #
Human EF1alpha full length promoter
0.5 ml
Human EF1alpha short promoter
0.5 ml
Human cytomegalovirus promoter
0.5 ml
Human cytomegalovirus promoter/enhancer
0.5 ml
Mouse cytomegalovirus promoter
0.5 ml
Spleen focus forming virus promoter
0.5 ml
Rous sarcoma virus promoter
0.5 ml
Human ubiquitin C promoter
0.5 ml
Human phosphoglycerate kinase 1 promoter
0.5 ml
Simian virus 40 promoter
0.5 ml

To order your promoter constructs of choice, simply fill out this form to obtain a quote. Price per construct decreases as you order more constructs

Number of constructs ordered Plasmid - Price (US$) Packaged - Price (US$)
1 400 525
2 550 735
3 700 935
4 850 1125
5 1000 1300
6 1125 1475
7 1250 1640
8 1360 1800
9 1475 1950
10 1600 2100

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