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CRISPR/RNAi Screening Services

Let Cellecta put its years of RNAi and CRISPR screening expertise to work for you. We offer full scale genetic screening with pooled lentiviral sgRNA and shRNA libraries to identify gene target driving biological responses in your cell lines or model systems of interest.

  • Identify genes essential for growth and proliferation
  • Find genes responsible for resistance or sensitivity to compounds or treatments
  • Look for synthetic lethal interactions with known genetic lesions
  • Elucidate the mechanism of action or target pathway for a compound or drug

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CRISPR/RNAi Screening ServicesCellecta provides full CRISPR and RNAi screening services to help you identify the genes or genetic elements functionally regulating a biological response. We perform all steps for comprehensive pooled screens with your cell models. Tell us about the cells, phenotype, and function of the genes you are interested in identifying. Then, we will run the screen and provide you a report with data indicating which gene, when disrupted or perturbed by CRISPR sgRNA or RNAi shRNA affect the response of interest.

  • CRISPR knockout, CRISPRa, CRISPRi, and RNAi screening available
  • Screen one of our Human Genome-Wide pooled libraries, or a Custom Library targeting any set of genes.
  • For CRISPR screens, we make and test Cas9 cell lines which can be provided to you for future studies.
  • FACS-based reporter and antibody selection options available in addition to more typical viability screens

We are able to provide all the services required to run most screens, including testing cell responses (e.g., kill curves, antibiotic sensitivity, etc.), cell engineering to make reporter cell lines and Cas9-expression lines, library construction and packaging, next-generation sequencing, and alignment to identify hits, and post-screening analysis. Request a quote and we can discuss your project.

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