Catalog #: KADHGW-105K-P

Human Genome-Wide CRISPRa Dual-sgRNA Library

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Product Information

Pooled library of ~105,000 dual-sgRNA constructs each targeting a single gene. Designed to work with deactivated spCas9 (dCas9) complexed with an activator (e.g., dCas9-VPH) to activate gene expression. Five CRISPRa dual-sgRNA constructs target each gene. Designs based on Horlbeck, et al., eLife 2016;5:e19760 DOI: 10.7554).

* Sequences are available in FASTA (.txt), GenBank (.gb), and SnapGene (.dna) formats. You may use the free SnapGene Viewer to open .dna files. If you would like vector files in another format, please contact us. To download .txt and .gb files, right click on the link and Save As.

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