2018 Association for Biomolecular Research Facilities (ABRF) Annual Meeting

April 22-25, 2018, Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC Come see us at Booth 411. Technology Talk: Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 6:00-7:00 pm  Optimizing CRISPR Screens and Expression Profiling for Genome-Wide Functional Analysis Presenter: Paul Diehl, PhD, COO, Cellecta Cellecta offers two technology platforms for rapid, precise, and convenient analysis of the genes responsible for driving various biological responses: The DriverMap™ Expression Profiling Assay kit, a combination of multiplex RT-PCR with NGS, measures expression levels of all human protein-coding genes in a simple-to-run, single-tube assay, enabling rapid association of gene expression changes in large numbers of cell, tissue, or blood samples. Complementary to this, CRISPR or RNAi genetic screens with pooled libraries provide a more direct means to identify specific genes that functionally modulate observed phenotypic changes. Register for Cellecta’s Technology Workshop at ABRF here > Poster: Profiling of Immunity Biomarkers in Whole Blood

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