Cell Bio Virtual 2021: An Online ASCB | EMBO Meeting

December 1-10, 2021, Virtual

Cellecta is presenting two posters, available here for your convenience.

Immunophenotyping of TCR and BCR Clonotypes (pdf) (MP3 5 min. summary

TCR/BCR repertoire profiling holds great potential for understanding disease mechanisms. We introduce a novel technology for profiling of all human TCR and BCR variable regions and phenotypic characterization of immune cells in bulk and at the single-cell level in PBMCs and immune cell fractions. Preliminary data shows that TCR/BCR clonotype analysis combined with targeted expression profiling of immune cells can be applied for large-scale discovery in several immune-responsive model systems. 

Presenter: Alex Chenchik, PhD, President and Chief Scientific Officer, Cellecta

Perturb-seq analysis of TNF-alpha-induced transcriptional response (pdf)

We performed a single-cell Perturb-Seq screen using a 10X Genomics instrument on HEK293-Cas9 cells with an 84-sgRNA pooled library, aimed at identifying genes involved in TNF-alpha induced transcriptional response. As a reference, a parallel screen was performed with cells transduced in arrayed format with the same set of sgRNAs as the pooled library. Both screens identified TNFRSF1A, IKBKG, CHU and RELA as mediators of TNF-alpha transcriptional response. 

Presenter: Donato Tedesco, PhD, Director of Research and Development, Cellecta

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