European Association for Cancer Research 2022 Congress


June 20-23, 2022, Seville Spain, FIBES - Seville Exhibition and Conference Center


    A.   Industry Symposium:

    Wednesday, June 22 at 08:00-08:45 h, Room Paris + Brussels

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    Title:  Single Cell CRISPR Screening Identifies Non-Coding RNA Modulating Cancer Plasticity

    Moderator: Paul Diehl, PhD, Chief Operating Officer, Cellecta


    Donato Tedesco, PhD, Director of Research & Development, Cellecta

    Perturb-seq analysis of TNFalpha-induced transcriptional response

    Key points:

    • We identified genes involved in TNFalpha-induced transcriptional response using two methods: a) Perturb-Seq screen and an b) arrayed screen
    • We determined the minimum number of cells per sgRNA needed to cover the full complexity of the pooled library for the Perturb-Seq experiment
    • Analysis was carried out using a transcription profiling assay for the arrayed screen vs CellRanger software for the Perturb-Seq screen. Both methods yielded comparable results.

    Matteo Marzi, PhD, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

    A functional map of LncRNAs involved in adaptation pathways of breast cancer cells

    Key points:

    • We identified lncRNAs associated with breast cancer transcriptional plasticity
    • We will share a design of an effective CROP-seq sgRNA library for targeting lncRNAs by CRISPRi
    • We will present a functional map of lncRNA loci involved in cancer plasticity leveraging multiple competitive sgRNA screens

    Register to attend in person

    I won't be able to attend in person but am interested in receiving the recording of the talks


    B.   Industry Spotlight:

    Wednesday, June 22 from 16:45-17:00 h, Spotlight Area

    Speaker: Paul Diehl, PhD, Chief Operating Officer, Cellecta, Inc.

    Approaches for the Discovery of Drug Targets, Resistance Mechanisms and Biomarkers: An Overview of Cellecta Technologies

    C.   Poster Presentations

         1. Donato Tedesco, PhD, Director of Research & Development

      • Title: Key mediators of TNF-alpha transcriptional response identified by arrayed and pooled sgRNA library Perturb-seq screen
      • Poster Session 2, June 22 from 10:15-18:00 
         2. Nadya Isachenko, PhD, Research Scientist
      • Title: Genome editing for stem cells
      • Poster Session 2, June 22 from 10:15-18:00

         3. Paul Diehl, PhD, Chief Operating Officer

      • Title: Ultra-sensitive immunophenotyping of TCR and BCR clonotypes
      • Poster Session 2, June 22 from 10:15-18:00
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