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CloneTracker XP™ 50M Barcode-3' Library in pScribe4ThyM-RFP-Thy1.1

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Product Information

Track the fate of cell clones over a course of drug treatment or during differentiation, tumorigenesis or other processes. This 50M barcode library enables you to easily label more than a million cells with heritable unique barcodes. The RNA-expressed barcodes are readily detected by RNA-Seq and single-cell expression analysis.

With this CloneTracker XP library in pScribe4ThyM-RFP-Thy1.1, barcoded cells are detectable both by RFP fluorescence and by expression of Thy1.1. The Thy1.1 antigen is expressed by the barcoded constructs. This is useful for labs doing in vivo mouse studies.

CloneTracker XP Libraries incorporate barcodes into the UTR of an RNA transcript. This library have the barcode in the 3'-UTR compatible with oligo-dT cDNA synthesis protocols.

* Sequences are available in FASTA (.txt), GenBank (.gb), and SnapGene (.dna) formats. You may use the free SnapGene Viewer to open .dna files. If you would like vector files in another format, please contact us. To download .txt and .gb files, right click on the link and Save As. 

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