MarketsandMarkets Next-Gen Immuno-Oncology Conference

March 9-10, 2023 at ILEC Conference Centre in London, United Kingdom

Visit our tabletop exhibit in the Exhibit Hall.


I. Presentation
TCR/BCR Repertoire Analysis and Other Approaches for the Discovery of Drug Targets, Resistance Mechanisms, and Biomarkers
Speaker: Paul Diehl, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, Cellecta, Inc.
Join us to hear customer success stories using Cellecta technologies for drug and biomarker discovery applications, including
  • DriverMapTM AIR Profiling Assay - a comprehensive profile of the CDR3 repertoire providing data on all 4 TCR and 3 BCR chains from RNA or DNA
  • DriverMapTM Targeted-RNA Sequencing for Expression Profiling of all 19,000 human protein-coding genes from as little as 10 pg total RNA
  • CRISPR knockout, CRISPRa, CRISPRi screening products and services for functional gene analysis, and much more


II. Poster
Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire Profiling for Biomarker Discovery
Presenter: Paul Diehl, Ph.D.
Abstract: TCR and BCR repertoire profiling referred to as adaptive immune repertoire (AIR) hold great potential for understanding disease mechanisms and for the development of new therapeutics in infectious disease, autoimmunity, and immuno-oncology. This potential could be greatly improved by combining information about receptor clonotypes with immunophenotypes of T and B cells. To facilitate these studies, we developed a novel technology for combined profiling of all human TCR and BCR variable regions and phenotypic characterization of immune cells. The developed TCR/BCR immunophenotyping method involves multiplex RT-PCR amplification and sequencing of CDR3 regions of TCR and BCR genes and a set of the most informative T- and B-cell phenotyping genes. Bioinformatic analysis of NGS data allows profiling of TCR/BCR clonotypes, and identification of major immune cell subtypes and their activation status. Preliminary studies indicate the assay has unparalleled throughput, sensitivity, and improvedcosteffectiveness for high-throughput immunity biomarker discovery applications
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