SBS 2011 Schedule, March 30th

Take the opportunity at SBS 2011 to learn about Cellecta's cancer drug target discovery services. Come visit us at booth #522, and be sure not to miss our oral presentation and tutorial on Wednesday, March 30:


HT RNAi Screening of Anti-Cancer Targets With Pooled shRNA Libraries

Speaker: Alex Chenchik, Ph.D.

Alex Chenchik1, Donato Tedesco1, Kyle Bonneau1, Mikhail Makhanov1, Peiqing Sun2, Andrei Gudkov3

1Cellecta, Inc., Mountain View, CA; 2The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA; 3Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY.

High throughput (HT) genetic screening using genome-wide pooled bar-coded lentiviral-based shRNA libraries in combination with HT sequencing has been used to identify genes modulating proliferation and survival in prostate, leukemia, and a panel of isogenic mammary epithelial cells (HMEC). Gene targets identified in these screens have been subsequently shown to lead to cell death in vitro when suppressed, and thus have potential as therapeutic targets. In addition to identifying specific single targets, the screening platform has been adapted to screen large sets of genes for synergistic combinations that generate a synthetic lethal phenotype when knocked down simultaneously. Advantages and limitations of pooled format genetic screens with genome-wide pooled shRNA libraries will be discussed.


Tutorial: RNAi Genetic Screening for Drug Target Discovery

Presenter: Paul Diehl, Ph.D.

Location: Osceola 5–6 (Food and beverages will be served.)

Lentiviral-based pooled shRNA libraries enable rapid and reliable identification of genes regulating most cell responses and potential drug targets. The silencing effects of shRNAs targeting thousands of genes can be assayed in a single screen using representative shRNA libraries and HT sequencing. We will describe applications of Cellecta’s RNAi screening platform with data from several cancer cell viability screens.

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