The 2012 Cell Biology Meeting: A Good Finish to the Year

January 05, 2013

2013 seems to have started at a full sprint. It feels as though the annual meeting of the American Society of Cell Biology in San Francisco just finished. We exhibited and presented a tutorial there entitled, Find Functionally Important Driver Genes with RNAi Genetic ScreeningUsing Pooled shRNA Libraries on December...
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The Need for RNAi Screening Standards

February 03, 2012

A couple of months ago at the CHI Discovery on Target Conference, Hakim Djaballah, Director of the HTS Core Facility at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, gave a unique and insightful presentation highlighting the challenges RNAi screening to identify lethal loss of function interaction in oncogenic...
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AACR-NCI Systems Biology Conference

March 12, 2011

Cellecta attended the AACR-NCI Systems Biology : Confronting the Complexity of Cancer Conference in San Diego last week and presented two posters:...
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