New Product Update (as of January 2022)

Cellecta is pleased to announce the following new additions to our product offerings.

Coronavirus Spike-Protein Pseudotyped Lentivirus for Novel Variants with GFP or Luciferase

In addition to the original SARS CoV2-Spike particle and SARS-CoV2-S-D614G variant, we now offer the Alpha VI, Beta V2, Gamma V3, Delta and Omicron variants more>

80K-B Human Genome-Wide CRISPR Library

We have introduced a second Knockout-B library, with 4 sgRNA to each of the ~19,000 protein-coding genes. It is intended as a complement to the original 80K Library more>

CloneTracker XP 50M Barcode Library with the Thy1.1 marker

With this new library, barcoded cells are detectable both by RFP fluorescence and by expression of Thy1.1. This is useful for in vivo mouse studies more>

CloneTracker XP Barcoded Panels

These kits--with Puro or Hygro selection markers--each with 10 individual barcode constructs, can be used to label different populations of cells each with a different barcode, and the progeny quantified by NGS. Since the barcode is expressed in the RNA, they can also be detected with single-cell expression analysis methods more>

CRISPRTest_GBlue Mouse Functional Cas9 Essential-Gene Knockout Assay for Murine Cells

This assay allows Cas9 measurement in mouse cells that express RFP. This assay uses GFP vs BFP fluorescence to measure Cas9 activity more>

We are actively seeking collaborators for

DriverMap Immune Repertoire Profiling (iRP) Service

Do you have blood, plasma or tissue samples? Are you interested in comparing immune repertoire profiling data from DNA samples with RNA samples? Contact us to learn more >

Thank you for your business. We look forward to continuing to serve you!