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InDOXible™ Tet-Activated cDNA Cloning Vector (for Two-Vector System)

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Product Information

InDOXible Tet-Activated cDNA lentiviral vector with the TRE-Promoter cloning site. This vector does express a tetracycline-responsive transactivator (i.e., rtTA or tTA) required for indicible function with the (i.e., tetracycline response element). For tet-inducible cDNA expression, this vector should be used with cells already expressing the rtTA or tTA proteins.

The vector is offered with an optional expression cassette linked (by an IRES) to an red fluorescent protein (RFP). When the cloned cDNA is expressed, the RFP is co-expressed and can be easily detected. The RFP provides a sensor to confirm gene activation.

Catalog #  Description   Vector
No RFP sensor
Two-Vector Dox-Responsive TRE Cloning Vector (pTMUBla-TRE-MCS-UBC-Blast)
With RFP sensor
Two-Vector Dox-Responsive TRE Cloning Vector w/Sensor (pTMURBla-TRE-MCS-I2-RFP-UBC-Blast)

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