Catalog #: CSCL-C9

Custom Cas9 and dCas9-Variant Cell Lines

In addition to a suitable sgRNA, CRISPR cell engineering also requires one of the various Cas9 proteins--either Cas9 nuclease for CRISPR knockout, or a dCas9 activator or repressor complex for CRISPRa and CRISPRi variations. Cellecta will generate a engineer a stably expressing Cas9 or dCas9 cell lines.

  • You cell model engineered to stably express Cas9, dCas9-activator, or dCas9-repressor
  • Activity of Cas9 or dCas9-variant confirmed with Cellecta's CRISPR-Test Assay
  • Various selection markers available for the Cas9 insert

Let us know what cells and what Cas9 variation you need and we will make it.

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Custom Cas9 and dCas9-Variant Cell LinesCRISPR knockout requires expression of both a single-guide RNA (sgRNA) that targets the specific site for knockout, and expression of the Cas9 nuclease which cuts the DNA at the target site. Also, for studies using the CRISPRa or CRISPRi systems, cells need to express the corresponding dCas9 activator (e.g. dCas9-VPH or dCas9-VPR) or dCas9-repressor (e.g. dCas9-KRAB). For many CRISPR applications then, it is useful or necessary to have cells stably expressing one of the the Cas9 proteins.

After you let us know what Cas9 variant you want in what cell lines, Cellecta will transduce and test the target cells at multiple MOIs to produce healthy cells with optimal expression of the Cas9 protein. Cellecta not only makes stably expressing Cas9 or dCas9-activator/repressor cell lines, but we validate the activity of the Cas9 protein in the cells using the appropriate CRISPR-Test Cas9 Assay. You receive stable Cas9-expressing cells with the Cas9 activity level data.

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