DriverMap Adaptive Immune Receptor (AIR) TCR-BCR Profiling Service

The DriverMap Adaptive Immune Receptor (AIR) Repertoire Profiling Service from Cellecta provides you with a profile of all TCR and BCR CDR3 or full-length variable regions in blood, cell, or RNA samples.

With the DriverMap AIR TCR-BCR Profiling Service, you get

  • a larger complement of clonotypes than other similar assays
  • reproducible and comprehensive coverage from a range of immune sample inputs, including total RNA from whole blood
  • Rapid, 1-month turnaround from sample submission to an extensive analysis report

General Information

Cellecta’s DriverMap™ AIR TCR-BCR assay is designed to specifically amplify

  1. only functional CDR3 RNA molecules from human or mouse TCR and BCR cells, avoiding non-functional pseudogenes with similar structures or
  2. full-length variable regions from human RNA molecules' TCR and BCRs
  3. T-cell and B-cell receptor genes directly from human genomic DNA 

The assay simultaneously amplifies, in a single, multiplex RT-PCR reaction, all TCR and BCR variable regions using a set of 300 experimentally validated PCR primers to yield Illumina-compatible, next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries.

While the profiling assay can be limited to return data on only the TCR or BCR repertoires, we recommend doing both. Comprehensive analysis of both the TCR and BCR repertoire is a promising strategy for unbiased discovery of predictive and prognostic biomarkers considering that both arms of the adaptive immune system work synergistically for many disease or adaptive immunity stimulus conditions.

Additionally, samples submitted for profiling using the DriverMap AIR Repertoire Profiling Service can be run, in parallel, through our standard DriverMap Genome-Wide Targeted Gene Expression Profiling assay to generate gene expression profiles that provide phenotypic information for cell typing.

Do you have immune samples you would like to profile? Provide us with some information on your samples and your study goals, and we will get back to you with information on how our DriverMap Adaptive Immune Receptor Profiling service can help your reach your experimental goals.

View the DriverMap AIR Technology Guide for an introduction to AIR technology and for recommendations on designing AIR profiling experiments.

Download the product flyer for a general overview.

We have also developed RNA Spike-In Controls for use within RNA-based AIR-seq assays. Download details here.

Watch the webinar Immunophenotyping of TCR and BCR Clonotypes (26 min) 

Poster: Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire Profiling for Biomarker Discovery

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