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LentiFuge™ Viral Concentration Reagent

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Product Information

Cellecta LentiFuge™ Viral Concentration Reagent provides a simple, rapid, and effective method to increase the amount of lentiviral particles collected from cell culture supernatants using standard high-speed centrifugation. It works by aggregating viral particles so that upon high-speed centrifugation, the virus can be precipitated and isolated without use of an ultracentrifuge. LentiFuge is a sterile, cell culture grade reagent that is non-toxic to target cells.

Lentiviral vectors concentrated using LentiFuge contain significantly less culture- medium serum contaminants than those concentrated using polyethylene glycol (PEG)-based reagents, and hence the virus pellet can be resuspended in a much smaller volume. In addition, LentiFuge only requires a 1-hour incubation at 4°C as opposed to lengthy overnight incubations required by PEG reagents. The subsequent centrifugation step in a Beckman JA-14, JA-10, or similar rotor requires an additional hour.

After these two short steps, the virus is simply resuspended and either used immediately or aliquoted and frozen. The amount provided (1 ml) is sufficient to concentrate and purify virus from 1 liter of supernatant.

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