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Ready-to-Use Lentiviral Packaging Plasmid Mix

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Product Information

Cellecta’s Ready-to-Use Lentiviral Packaging Plasmid Mix allows production of VSV-G pseudotyped viral particles when co-transfected into packaging cells together with second- or third-generation HIV-based lentiviral vectors.

The Packaging Plasmid Mix is a mixture of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) lentiviral packaging plasmid psPAX2 and the pMD2.G plasmid containing VSV-G. These plasmids provide all the necessary structural, regulatory, and replication proteins required to produce pseudotyped packaged lentiviral expression constructs. The Packaging Mix has been tested and with and is recommended for use with producer 293T cell (e.g. ATCC, Cat.# CRL-11268™). Lentiviral particles pseudotyped with VSV-G envelope protein can infect a variety of mammalian or non-mammalian, dividing or non-dividing cells. The kit contains 250 µg of lentiviral packaging plasmid mix that will be sufficient for 25 transfections in 10-cm culture plates.

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