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Tet-Inducible CRISPR Cas9 Lentiviral Vector

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Product Information

Cellecta offers an all-in-one Tetracycline-Inducible CRISPR Cas9 Lentiviral Vector. The tet-inducible Cas9 construct contains all the elements needed for transduction and stable integration of an inducible Cas9 gene for CRISPR-mediated gene editing.

The construct only expresses the Cas9 when doxocycline is present in the cell medium. The Cas9 protein can be expressed for a limited period to catalyze genomic editing and then shut down for subsequent use of the engineered cells.

The vector uses the same optimized hybrid tet-regulated transactivator rtTA that forms the basis of Cellecta’s InDOXible Tet-Activated Lentiviral Expression System.

Make stable cell lines with robustly inducible and tightly regulated Cas9 expression for cell engineering and CRISPR screening.

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