Catalog #: DMF-HCM-96

DriverMap™ Human Targeted Expression Profiling Panels

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Product Information

The DriverMap Human Targeted Expression Profiling Panels are sets of experimentally validated primers to amplify expertly curated key genes associated with either cancer, inflammatory disease, cell signaling, cell lineages, processes of differentiation, or immune activation. 

The DriverMap Predesigned Expression Profiling Panels target five biologically relevant gene sets:

1. DriverMap Human Cell Marker Panel (Catalog # DMF-HCM-96) measures the expression level of 1,285 human protein-coding genes associated with immune and stromal cell types. The cell marker gene sets summarize and characterize gene signatures for 64 distinct cell types, spanning multiple adaptive and innate immunity cells, hematopoietic progenitors, epithelial cells, and extracellular matrix cells derived from thousands of published gene expression signatures.

2. DriverMap Human Hallmark Signatures Panel (Catalog # DMF-HCM-96) profiles 4,304 genes involved in specific, well-defined molecular pathways, biological states or disease processes.  Each Hallmark set consists of a refined gene list, computationally derived from multiple founder sets based on gene-set overlaps and coordinate expression.

    3. DriverMap Human LINCSx Panel (Catalog # DMF-HLX-96) assesses gene expression of 1,573 landmark genes in the LINCS database that are the most informative to catalog changes that occur when cells are exposed to drugs and other perturbing agents. Genes linked to targets for FDA-approved drugs as well as other related targets and markers are included.
      4. DriverMap Human Pan-Cancer Pathway Panel (Catalog # DMF-HPC-96) measures expression levels of 2,094 genes in pathways often dysregulated in cancer. These gene targets were identified by curation of transcriptome data from scientific publications, the SCBI GEO, and Cellecta's genetic profiling experiments.
        5. DriverMap Human Transcription Factor Signatures Panel (Catalog # DMF-HTF-96) analyzes gene expression of 2,649 distinct genes targeted by 343 key transcription factors, providing data for 6,401 possible regulatory pathways.

          The DriverMap Kits include all the enzymes, reagents, and primers to prepare NGS-ready libraries for up to 96 samples from total RNA, and include software to demultiplex and align Illumina sequencing files (FASTQ) data and provide normalized expression levels for each of the target genes. Gene lists are available under the Manual and Product Documentation tab.

          The DriverMap Targeted Expression Profiling assay is also available as a custom service for determining the expression levels of your specific target gene sets or genome-wide.

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