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DriverMap™ AIR TCR-BCR Profiling Kit (Mouse RNA)

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Product Information

Easy-to-run, single-day assay that uses multiplex qRT-PCR and NGS to profile expressed T-cell receptor (TCR) and/or B-cell receptor (BCR) repertoire of CDR3 region from mouse RNA samples. The DriverMap AIR RNA-based assay allows sensitive detection of the immune receptor repertoire, which is especially important in identifying rare TCR and BCR clonotypes. The DriverMap AIR TCR/BCR Profiling Kit for Mouse offers:

  • The most comprehensive profile of the CDR3 regions of all  hyper-variable TCR chains (TRA, TRB, TRG, and TRD) and BCR chains (IGH, IGK, and IGL) in a single reaction from a single sample (Fig 1).
  • Sensitive and reproducible profiling of samples across multiple sample types such as PBMC, whole blood, tissue, or FFPE samples.
  • All-inclusive kit contains all the enzymes, reagents, and primers to prepare NGS-ready libraries from 24- or 96- samples of total RNA.
  • Analysis pipeline on MiXCR software (MiLaboratories, Inc.) for adaptive immune profiling
DriverMap™ AIR TCR-BCR Profiling Kit (Human RNA)g - Kits

Fig 1: DriverMap AIR mouse RNA assay detects all seven BCR and TCR clonotypes in a single multiplex reaction.

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