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DriverMap™ AIR TCR-BCR Profiling Kit (Human RNA)

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Easy-to-run, single-day assay that uses multiplex PCR-NGS technology to profile T-cell receptor (TCR) and / or B-cell receptor (BCR) repertoire starting from total RNA.

  • Profile all  TCR chains (TRA, TRB, TRG and TRD) and BCR chains (IGH, IGK and IGL) in a single reaction from a single sample. This is recommended as T- and B-cells work synergistically in most cases of the adaptive immune response.
  • Profiling of only TCR (4 chains) or BCR (3 chains) is also possible. 
  • Includes all the enzymes, reagents, and primers to prepare 24- or 96- samples ready for NGS on an Illumina sequencer from total RNA. The assay(s) can be run in a single reaction without having to run multiple expensive assays and without any specialized equipment.  
  • Run in parallel with the DriverMap AIR TCR-BCR (Human DNA) kitwith DNA starting material for insights into activated clonotypes
  • Generateinteractive reports for clonotype quantitation, CDR3 length distribution, V(D)J segment usage, and isotype composition for BCRs using MiXCR (MiLabs) immune receptor profiling software. 
DriverMap™ AIR TCR-BCR Profiling Kit (Human RNA)g - Kits

Fig 1: Number of clonotypes for 7 TCR/BCR chains identified in 50ng of normal PBMC or whole blood RNA (10x10^6 reads per sample, triplicates).

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