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CRISPRiTest™ dCas9-Repressor Assay Set / 4 x dCas9-KRAB Constructs

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Product Information

The CRISPRiTest™ dCas9-Repressor Assay Set includes the CRISPRiTest Kit (Cat.# CRITEST) and 1×106 TU of each of the following dCas9 expression vectors:

  • pRDKCCB-CMV-dCas9-KRAB-2A-Blast
  • pRDKCE2B-EFS-dCas9-KRAB-2A-Blast
  • pRDKCRB-RSV-dCas9-KRAB-2A-Blast
  • pRDKCSFB-SFFV-dCas9-KRAB-2A-Blast

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